Back Cover Blurb

The back cover blurb sells the book to the reader, once they have the book in their hand. It should be short, highlight the main selling points of the book, and cause the reader to want to look inside.

For emerge, our blurb is about 75 words long.

emerge 17:

Drag kings and sea monsters, switchblade travellers and teacup ghosts—these stories and poems are a mixture of the mundane and the bizarre. Here you’ll find true tales of a son’s death and a girl’s first heartbreak, stories that range from the minutely personal to the transcendently universal.

Words are only words until the writer, like an alchemist, blends them with sweat and self-reckoning to create something out of the ordinary. A community of sixty-two writers combine their words in emerge 17.

emerge 16:

In his foreword to emerge 16, Raoul Fernandes, author of Transmitter and Receiver, says: “The writers in this anthology show such bravery and risk-taking. Sometimes it’s the courage to have a character commit a tragic irreversible act with a gun in a forest. Or… asking a simple question in a prose poem—is my blue your blue?—can be a startling move.”

emerge 16 includes contributions from the Writer’s Studio’ students currently being mentored by Kevin Chong (Fiction), Hiromi Goto (Speculative Fiction), JJ Lee (Creative Non-Fiction), Meredith Quartermain (Poetry) and program director Wayde Compton. New this year are contributions from students who completed the inaugural year of The Writer’s Studio Online program in June 2016 mentored by Eileen Cook (YA/Speculative Fiction), Claudia Cornwall (Creative Non-Fiction), June Hutton (Fiction) and Fiona Tinwei Lam (Poetry).

emerge 15:

The thirty-six writers of the 2015 Writer’s Studio—under the mentorship of Kevin Chong, Hiromi Goto, JJ Lee, Meredith Quartermain, and Wayde Compton—present their work in the Studio’s fifteenth annual anthology.

This year’s guest editor, poet and short story author, Matt Rader, welcomes you into the diverse and vibrant worlds they have created. Fiction and poetry, lyric prose and narrative non-fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, and steampunk: it’s all here.

Enter their stories. Linger over their images. Let their words delight, unsettle, nourish, stir, and entertain.

emerge 2014:

One book, 35 emerging writers. Love, creation, death, regret, discovery and terror, sirens, ghosts, monsters and humans.

This is who we are. These are the stories we tell. SFU’s The Writer’s Studio brings you emerge 14, an anthology of creative non-fiction, speculative and literary fiction and poetry.

Read us. Be moved.

emerge 2013:

36 writers. 4 genre streams. 1 year of committed writing under mentors Jen Currin, Timothy Taylor, Hiromi Goto and Charles Demers, in Canada’s most unique writing program: SFU’s The Writer’s Studio. From edgy and experimental to personal and reflective, these West Coast voices tackle dreams and tales of travel through lush landscapes of family history and love. Be the first to read this year’s writers and introduce yourself to exciting new voices you’ll be reading again and again.

emerge 2012:

Did not have a blurb. Instead they listed all the students names and the quote from the Guest Editor served the function of the blurb.

emerge 2011:

Twenty-six burgeoning writers lift off the pages of this anthol­ogy with ideas vast and varied in content, style, and message. Fresh and authentic voices tackle the spectrum of humanexperience, undaunted by the darkness and faithful to the light.

The collected works of the 2011 SFU Writer’s Studio reveal the power of writing in community. The reader cannot help but be changed by this collective force.


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