Back Cover Quote

Each year we place a quote from the guest editor on the back cover. To give an idea of the different tone and focus these quotes have taken, below are the quotes from the previous years:


“…buckle up. These are stories and poems crafted with sprawling imagination and fearless honesty…Give them your eyes and your hearts.”
– Carleigh Baker


“Writing is simultaneously an act of rebellion and an act of self-actualization … through story we are all revealed.”
Gurjinder Basran


“The writers in this anthology show such bravery and risk-taking. Sometimes it’s the courage to have a character commit a tragic irreversible act with a gun in a forest, or… asking a simple question in a prose poem–is my blue your blue?— can be a startling move.”
Raoul Fernandes


“…a kind of music could be heard composed of the troubled and emergent properties of language.”
Matt Rader


“How simple, and yet how boundless and elusive a task to discover the sacred at the tip of your pen…”
Daniela Elza


“When writers write, bringing everything they have to offer, ignoring all that may keep them on the ground… when writers risk it all and rise up… they will find they are not alone.”
JJ Lee


“…read this collection of outstanding writing from a set of fictionists, essayists and poets who’ve turned out some really incredible work, sharpened through interaction with their mentors and each other under the auspices of The Writer’s Studio”
Charles Demers


“…the creative impulse cannot be quashed and the writer accepts the challenges, quietly or loudly, gently or fiercely…”
Hiromi Goto


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