ii – About emerge

About emerge page
About emerge page from emerge 2013

The “about emerge” page contains information about the anthology and The Writer’s Studio. It introduces readers to the anthology and TWS.

In emerge it appears on page: p. ii (the verso of the half-title page)

Here’s the text from emerge 2013:

About emerge

In its 13th year, emerge is an annual publication produced by students, faculty, and industry guests of The Writer’s Studio, as part of a course on book production. Each student is assigned to a team and, over a four-month period, works with the instructor/publisher, editors, designers, our printer, and local booksellers to produce, market, and sell this anthology.

About The Writer’s Studio

The Writer’s Studio is an award-winning creative writing program at
Simon Fraser University that provides writers with mentoring, classroom
instruction, and hands-on book publishing experience. Over the course
of a year, new writers work with their mentor alongside a community of
writers, exploring and developing their writing through regular manuscript workshops and readings. Many of our alumni have become successful authors, and have gone on to careers in the publishing industry.

The Writer’s Studio 2013 mentors:

Jen Currin—Poetry and Lyric Prose
Charles Demers—Narrative Non-Fiction
Hiromi Goto—Genre Fiction and Writing for Young Adults
Timothy Taylor—Fiction


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