v – Dedication

Dedication page
Dedication page from emerge 2013

Over the years, we have included a dedication in emerge. If the production team would like to dedicate this year’s anthology to a specific person, we can. If the production team decides they would like to include a dedication, the following selection process will apply.

Dedication Selection Process

During the production of emerge, the production team may solicit potential dedications from the emerge editorial team members to create a longlist. The production team will review all submissions and shortlist three dedications. These three dedications will be voted on within the collective emerge production team. The dedication with the most votes will be included in the anthology.

Final Wording of Dedication

The production team, in collaboration with the Managing Editor and Publisher, will have final say on the wording of the dedication.

Placement of Dedication in emerge

In emerge, the dedication appears on p. v.

CMS Guidelines

Here are the guidelines for dedications from the the Chicago Manual of Style:

1.35 Dedication

Choice of dedicationincluding whether to include one or notis up to the author. It may be suggested, however, that the word dedicated is superfluous. Editors of contributed volumes do not customarily include a dedication unless it is jointly offered by all contributors. Nor do translators generally offer their own dedication unless it is made clear that the dedication is not that of the original author. The dedication usually appears by itself, preferably on page v. Click here for CMS Online.

Previous Dedications


To Wayde Compton, Director (2012-2018) and mentor (2006-2009) of the Writer’s Studio

You invited us to speak from the margins, to workshop with compassion, and to write with open hearts and minds. You will always be part of the TWS community.


To our friend and colleague in multiple years of the Writer’s Studio and co-host of the TWS Reading Series,
Cullene Evelyn Bryant
June 4, 1941 – April 23, 2017

“She was talented, thoughtful, and always generous with those around her. Her writing, and her public readings, could be alternately hilarious and heartbreaking, and they were always insightful.… She entered our community without excessive pride, happy to be a student learning new forms.”
—Wayde Compton, Director, Creative Writing Program, SFU


To the TWS Community, a generous and supportive group
that celebrates inspiration, growth, and success together.


For the Writer’s Studio—it’s mentors, instructors, and all others whose efforts have made it a special place.


For all the people in our lives who said yes.


 To the memory of our friend and colleague in the 2011 Writer’s Studio poetry and lyric-prose mentor group.

Meg Torwl


Dedicated to Betsy Warland: Trusted director, mentor and founder of The Writer’s Studio.

The Writer’s Studio has given many of us the confidence to speak, to emerge from the isolation of our silent potential, and to activate ourselves. Thank you for creating such a unique and supportive space in which to challenge ourselves.


This anthology is dedicated to the memory of our friend and colleague in the 2010 Writer’s Studio creative nonfiction mentor group,

Betty Ann Spinks
March 29, 1953 – February 6, 2011


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