xi – Introduction

Introduction from emerge 2013, by JJ Lee.

The introduction in emerge is a part of the front matter of the text, and uses Roman numerals. Generally, an introduction of this size (less than 3-5 pages) by someone other than the author (in our case the editor), should be called a foreword, as noted in  section 1.42 of the Chicago Manual of Style (see below). However, we continue to call it an introduction. We feel this is more in line with the spirit of emerge, where the guest editor is introducing the writers to the world.

Here is the section from the Chicago:

1.42 Introduction belonging to front matter

Most introductions belong not in the front matter but at the beginning of the text, paginated with arabic numerals (see 1.46).  A substantial introduction by someone other than the author is usually included in the front matter, following the acknowledgments, but if it is not more than three to five pages, it may more appropriately be called a foreword (see 1.39) and placed before the preface.


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