Poetry Submissions

Total Lines for All Poems

Each student is allotted five pages in emerge. This means, roughly, a poet will be able to submit 150 lines of poetry. Prior to submitting your piece, place your poetry into the template to see how many pages your poems use.

Number of Poems Per Page

In accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed., we will be placing one poem per page (If they are separate parts of the same poem they can be placed on the same page.):

1.50-Divisions for poetry

In a book of previously unpublished poetry, each poem usually begins on a new page. Any part titles provided by the poet should appear on separate pages (rectos) preceding the poems grouped under them. In a collection of previously published poems, more than one poem, or the end of one and the beginning of another, may appear on the same page. (p.27, CMS, 16th ed.)

Length of a Poem Per Page

You will have to place your poetry into the template to see how many lines will fit on one page. But if it is a simple poem, with basic, left-aligned stanzas, you could put 20 to 25 lines of poetry on one page.

  • Remember to include the lines between stanzas when counting your line allotment per page.
  • It’s a good idea to leave a little intentional breathing room at the bottom of the page. A poem that’s closer to 20 lines will be less likely to spill over two pages in the final printed product. Also, bear this in mind when you’re choosing where a page break will fall in a longer poem.

Formatting of Poetry in the eBook

Please note that the formatting of your poem will change when it’s in the ebook. Please go to this page for an example.


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