Before Submitting Your Piece to emerge

  1. Seek feedback on your submission regarding “big picture” elements, such as structure, point of view, characters, setting, and pacing. (ex. by submitting to your workshop group during a regular session, to your mentor during your one-on-one session, or by exchanging work with your peer cohort members outside of workshop.) Aim to submit a polished piece.
  2. Read the style guide for emerge. Questions regarding spelling, punctuation, and other conventions of style are addressed there. It will greatly help the Section Editors on their copy editing round.
    Download: emerge_style_guide.
  3. Place your submission into emerge’s template. Before you place it into the Google doc template, be sure to clear your text’s original formatting. Once it’s in the template, you can then apply the template’s formatting (see point 4).
    Access: emerge_submission_template
  4. After it’s in the template, add paragraph styles to your piece.
    Learn how to Format your piece in the template.



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